Here are the top 5 reasons to use Open-PHA® HAZOP/LOPA software by Kenexis.

#5 Innovative Database Architecture:

The “Superset” design enables users to personalize their view without altering the underlying data. This guarantees uniformity across your organization, enabling the creation of dashboards for swift access at all levels. As a result, you are empowered to proactively manage your business efficiently.

#4 Ability to import previous studies from other sources:

Open-PHA® Cloud contains functionality for importing studies from some other software products and spreadsheets.  Additionally, we offer a data migration service to facilitate a smooth transition.

#3 Custom Report Generator:

Open-PHA® Cloud allows you to generate custom reports using your own templates, potentially saving you hours or even days spent on combining, formatting, and summarizing data.

#2 Integrated Process Safety Management Software Suite:

Open-PHA® Cloud integrates effortlessly with Kenexis’ Vertigo™ SIS Safety Lifecycle Management and Arbor™ Fault Tree Analysis software, enabling more comprehensive analysis.

#1 Cost / Licensing and Pricing Model:

Enjoy a free standalone desktop version, ideal for remote areas without internet access or small teams. This powerful tool can stand alone or fully integrates with our premium cloud-based version, which offers advanced, industry-leading features. Our sharable licensing model for the cloud version ensures that all users at your company can access the software, with the number of licenses you procure determining how many can use it simultaneously. This flexible model may allow you to operate with fewer licenses, helping you start realizing potential savings from day one!


Open-PHA® Cloud contains AI enabled features with more on the way!