Kenexis, a process safety consulting engineering firm that provides technical safety services for new and existing facilities including performance-based fire and gas mapping, and risk analysis for industries that manage risks related to chemicals or stored energy.

We specialize in analyzing risks of any process under control or material in containment in order to quantify the hazard, design reduction targets, and ensure the selected targets are met.  Analysis is done using a risk-based process where the selected equipment, maintenance, and testing procedures are tailored to specific requirements of an application.  The risk-based approach yields a design that provides the required risk reduction at a manageable cost.

We provide ISA/IEC 61511 process safety consulting engineering services for OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) including software and training.

Green Energy

Green means safe too, right? Storage of large amounts of energy, regardless of whether it is in the form of hydrocarbons, lithium-ion batteries, compressed hydrogen, or anhydrous ammonia, can result in the unintentional release of that energy in ways that can harm people and damage the environment. Mixing hydrogen into the natural gas stream will effect area classification, gas detector coverage and technology, burner curves and much more.

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Oil & Gas, Chemical

Processing, transporting and storing of large amounts of energy in the form of hydrocarbons, can result in the unintentional release of that energy in ways that can harm people and damage the environment. Our expertise, and pioneering research and development in technical safety engineering, has driven our trusted resource reputation throughout the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

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Chemicals used in pharmaceutical processing can be very dangerous especially when mixing.  Many reaction steps require reagents that are toxic, flammable, or highly reactive. Even the Nitrogen, which comprises most of the air we breathe, presents a significant risk to life. Not understanding and analyzing the risk thoroughly of any process, including utility activities like sterilization, can be fatal.

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Join us for our next webinar on Determining and Documenting Appropriate Leak Tightness Requirements. The webinar will go into detail about the differences between tight shut off and leakage rate methods, the standards, and how to determine the correct leak requirements for your situation.

Webinar: Determining and Documenting Appropriate Leak Tightness Requirements

Date: Tuesday 12 July 2022

Time: 10 AM Eastern, 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 

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Previously Recorded Webinars:

Risk Assessment and Safeguarding of Lithium Ion Battery Containing Facilities

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Blending Hydrogen Into Natural Gas Streams

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Process safety consulting engineering for a range of technical safety (ISA/IEC 61511) services for industries that manage risks related to chemicals or stored energy.

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Process safety engineering software that we design and build internally with advanced process safety engineers.

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Process safety training from highly qualified experts, published authors, with many years of real-world experience that form the basis for the course materials and examples.

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