Kenexis is a process safety consulting engineering firm that provides technical safety services for new and existing facilities including performance-based fire and gas mapping, and risk analysis for industries that manage risks related to chemicals or stored energy.

We specialize in analyzing risks of any process under control or material in containment to quantify the hazard, design reduction targets, and ensure the selected targets are met.  Analysis is done using a risk-based process where the selected equipment, maintenance, and testing procedures are tailored to specific requirements of an application.  The risk-based approach yields a design that provides the required risk reduction at a manageable cost.

We provide a full complement of training, consulting engineering services, and technical software for process safety departments.

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Can I see your Functional Safety Management Program documentation?

Would your functional safety management program pass a third-party assessment or audit? Are all the processes documented correctly? Have the recommendations been implemented correctly and verified?

In this webinar we will go over the Functional Safety Management requirements in ISA/IEC 61511 clause 5. We will discuss the general requirements including organizational and internal and external resources, evaluation and management of risk strategy, safety planning and corporate standards, implementation and monitoring, assessments/audits/revisions, and configuration and version management.

We will also present a template to assist in getting a Functional Safety Management System started.

Webinar registration is open. The webinar will be 13 October at 9:00 EST (UTC-5:00), Register at the link below.

Functional Safety Management Documentation Webinar Registration


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