Effigy software is designed to facilitate fire and gas detector performance-based design as defined in ISA TR84.00.07. Effigy verifies an array of fire and/or gas detectors against the scenarios (consequences), validating that the locations and characteristics chosen will provide the coverage desired.

Fire and Gas Systems (FGS) are important tools for safeguarding process plants and production facilities that handle flammable and toxic materials. All such facilities have inherent risk, which in some cases require the installation of FGS to mitigate hazards. Kenexis performs design engineering of Fire and Gas Mapping (FGM) to determine where the detectors should be to sense the consequences and how the FGS should function for our clients. Continuing engineering and research have determined that accuracy of and repeatability of coverage analysis requires quality tools like Effigy.

Effigy was developed internally by our engineers that perform FGM, risk assessments, and design basis engineering. Their expertise is then enhanced in Effigy – Fire and Gas Mapping software. This combination of engineering and software development provides the most rigorous analysis tool, which results in the safest plant at the lowest cost by optimizing detector placement.


  • Geographic and Scenario Coverage
  • Fire, Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas, Gas Cloud Imaging and Ultrasonic
  • Plume Modeling
  • ISA-TR84.00.07 Compliant
  • 3D CAD Import & 3D Analysis
  • Secure & Reliable Project Team Information Sharing

Geographic & Scenario Analysis

Analyzes detector location and characteristics based on geographic coverage or scenario coverage. Analysis considers the obstructions, consequences, detector equipment and settings used in the facility under study. Results provide a geographic risk profile that combines the thousands of consequences possible in a zone, calculates the detector coverage by zone, and maps the scenarios detected and not detected by the detectors.

Fire, Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas, Gas Cloud Imaging & Ultrasonic

Effigy supports generic detectors to allow development of the design throughout the engineering process up until detectors are actual chosen. Effigy also specifically models any brand of Fire, Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas, Gas Cloud Imaging & Ultrasonic detector, separately assessing all documented sensitivity settings of those detectors. The software comes with a database of most common detection equipment and associated performance metrics. Fire detection accurately models the cone-of-vision projections as detectors are moved away from the elevation of interest and rotated away from parallel using FM3260 Certified data.

Plume Modeling

Our patented Plume Model accurately models different fire sizes and materials of interest for each detector as required (e.g., methane, hexane, methanol). This substantially increases to accuracy of detection capabilities.

U.S. Pat. No. 10,600,057

ISA-TR84.00.07 Compliant

ISA-TR84.00.07 Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire, Combustible Gas, and Toxic Gas System Effectiveness provides guidance on risk and performance-based FGS design. After years of research, validation, and projects Kenexis developed Effigy to perform sophisticated and accurate coverage calculations based on either geography or consequence modeling to standardize the approach to achieving quantitative coverage targets into their fire and gas design processes.

3D CAD Import & 3D Analysis

Supports 3D STL import (most 3D CAD packages can export to STL), 3D model creation using basic shapes, and 3D analysis including the detector cone-of-vision, obstructions, and obstruction shadow orientation.

If you do not have a 3D CAD model, you can easily create a model in Effigy using geometric shapes from your plot plan.

Analyzes multiple obstruction geometries, in all orientations. After engineer the entire project in 3D, results are presented in color-coded graphical coverage maps and coverage tables indicating extent of the various coverage areas.

Integrated Safety Suite

Kenexis Software runs on our secure cloud servers and is accessed by any licensed user on any computer or tablet through a standard browser. The unique architecture ensures that your software is always available and up to date with the latest performance metrics and resource databases.

Our Process Safety Training Center is also integrated with the software on the Integrated Safety Suite so you can learn how to use the software, learn theory, and process safety engineering all in one place.

Our solution makes it easy for a licensed user to share project information with others including contracts, EPCs, and to leverage Kenexis process safety engineers for project assistance, outsourcing, and verification and certification of your analyses.

  • Compatibility with most browsers in most operating systems
  • Training Center is part of the Integrated Safety Suite
  • Extensive standard and custom equipment databases
  • Detailed technical documentation and help
  • Dedicated help desk and support


In addition to the Support page, there are several training courses on our Integrated Safety Suite. You can request trial license above to gain access to the training.

Once you have access to the trial and Log In, you will find a “Training” button to access the classes.

The software classes above are no charge.

There are also theory and practice classes that require an annual training subscription. Click on Training to learn more about all the online training available.

Trial Request & Pricing

Click here to request a free 30-day evaluation of Effigy.

System Requirements: None – Effigy runs in your browser on Mac, Linux, or Windows with most browsers.

Effigy software is designed to solve the problem of where to put fire and gas detectors, why they need to be there, and how many detectors are required to achieve an acceptable level of protection. Based on ISA TR84.00.07, the software verifies an array of fire and/or gas sensors against the scenarios (consequences), validating that the locations and characteristics chosen will provide the coverage desired.


  • Geographic and Scenario Coverage
  • Fire, Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas, Gas Cloud Imaging and Ultrasonic
  • Plume Modeling
  • ISA-TR84.00.07 Compliant
  • 3D CAD Import & 3D Analysis
  • Secure & Reliable Project Team Information Sharing


A concurrent-user license cost $12,500/year for the first license. One concurrent license can be used easily in small team. If you find you need access for more than one person at a time, you can add additional licenses at a discount annual subscription rate.

Use the Contact Kenexis link in the upper right corner of this page to request a standard proposal or a 90-day or 180-day project license.

Functional Safety Assessment

Concerned about your first project?

Users our Fire & Gas Mapping Software – Effigy, can take advantage of additional fire & gas mapping training at no cost.

Additionally, for a reasonable fee, our fire & gas mapping engineers will perform a functional safety assessment of your project.

The objective of the FGM-FSA (Fire & Gas Mapping – Functional Safety Assessment) is to determine if the scope of work was performed in compliance with the ISA 84.00.07 Technical Report.

For more information:

FGM-FSA Service Description


Effigy performs fire and gas mapping calculations in compliance with the ISA technical report ISA TR 84.00.07 Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire, Combustible Gas and Toxic Gas System Effectiveness.

Coverage can be calculated in one of two ways, Geographic or Scenario based.

When performing geographic coverage, the software will calculate the fraction of a geographic area or volume where fires or gas releases would be detectable.

For Scenario based coverage the software will calculate the fraction of fire or gas hazards that are detectable.

The Fire or Gas hazards of concern are defined by you as the user.  These are referred to as scenarios in Effigy.  For each scenario you are asked to provide a location and magnitude (size) of the consequence gas cloud.  The magnitude of the hazard could come from the results of CFD modeling however, it is much more common to define this magnitude based on gaussian dispersion modeling using gaussian modeling software like Phast, EFFECTS or Canary.

Effigy software does not perform CFD or Gaussian modeling at this time.

There is special Effigy pricing available for 1/4 or 1/2 year.

Contact Kenexis for more information about special pricing.

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