Various, downloadable worksheets and templates related to process safety management.


SIS Safety Lifecycle Management Procedure Template 

The purpose of this document is to provide requirements and guidance for the application of the risk-based approaches to managing the lifecycle of safety instrumented systems (SIS) as specified in the IEC/ISA 61511 standard.

SIS Bypass Worksheet 
This spreadsheet invites discussion on why an item was bypassed and potential consequences. It helps to thoroughly assess the situation and decisions made. This spreadsheet assesses whether it is possible to bypass an instrument and additional actions required if so.

F&G Model RFQ
This document details the objectives of a Performance Based Fire and Gas Study, the methodology used to determine the performance of a client’s Fire and Gas System (FGS), and the necessary requirements of tools and calculations used to verify both Fire and Gas coverage mapping. Additionally, the RFQ outlines the supporting documentation that is generated from the study including FGS Requirements Specification, Cause and Effect Diagrams, and the FGS Verification and Validation Testing Plan and Checklist.

Confidence Limit Worksheet 
This spreadsheet calculates the failure rate of a component to user selectable degrees of confidence (e.g., 70% as recommended by IEC 61508).

FMEDA Worksheet 
This spreadsheet provides a framework for doing a simple failure modes, effects, and diagnostics analysis. This spreadsheet is ideal for determining the overall failure characteristics of a multiple component system, such as two transmitters used to calculate differential pressure, or a solenoid, actuator, valve combination with partial stroke testing.

Input Device Failure Conversion Tool 
In many cases, failure statistics presented by equipment vendors take the form of fail high, fail low (inherent), fail dangerous undetected, and fail dangerous detected (a.k.a., fail low – diagnostics). This spreadsheet tool takes that raw data and converts it into safe and dangerous failures as function of whether the device trips upscale or downscale.

Common Cause Failure Estimator
This spreadsheet employs the methodology presented in the ISA 84.01 TR2 technical report to estimate the beta factor that should be used for common cause failure percentage in various circumstances.

Bypass Alternate Protection Plan Worksheet 
This spreadsheet helps determine the responsibilities of the workers and safety systems to ensure protection in the facility.

Proven in Use Worksheet
This spreadsheet provides a checklist for issues to be considered when establishing proven-in-use justification for a component. The tool also includes the ability to perform a 70% confidence limit calculation for component failure rate.

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