Open PHA Desktop and Open PHA Cloud are powerful tools for performing, analyzing, and maintaining HAZOP, LOPA, and Security PHA Review studies.

Open PHA Desktop is free and a standalone desktop application available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux based operating systems. The Open PHA Desktop edition can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Open PHA Cloud is a module in the Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite (KISS) and runs in the cloud. KISS provides technical safety professionals with a secure cloud-based multi-user platform for the design of engineered safeguards. You can request a trial to the inexpensive Open PHA Cloud at the bottom of this page.

Both products are complete HAZOP and LOPA software package supporting customized Risk Matrix, Likelihood Categories, Consequence Categories, and Risk Rankings, Nodes, Deviations, HAZOP & LOPA Worksheets, Recommendations, Safeguards, a Parking Lot, and Reporting.

The desktop and premium versions are interoperable, allowing files to seamlessly be transferred between the cloud-based and desktop-based versions.  Typically, most of the work is done on the desktop version and the premium cloud based version is typically utilized for advanced features such as dash-boarding and advanced reporting.  You can download the desktop version for free or request a free 30-day trial of the premium cloud based version at the links below.

Together, these two products make it easy to perform a PHA when remote in the local language and then upload to KISS and share data with corporate in any other language.

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What’s New in Open PHA v2 – April 2021

Version 2.0.0 of Open PHA has  arrived, and it comes packed with a long list of requested features.

  • Combining Safeguards and IPLs into a Single List
  • Addition of Risk Ranking After Recommendations
  • Addition of Dedicated PHA Checklists
  • Linking to PHA Worksheets from Recommendations & Safeguards
  • Auto-Navigation Between PHA and LOPA Worksheets
  • Improved Spell Check Performance and Accuracy

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Automatic Updates

If you already have Open PHA Desktop downloaded on your computer, the next time you open it you will get a message like the one below. Reopen Open PHA Desktop to upgrade.

Open-source Standardized Data Structure

No more porting and manipulating data and worrying about the consistency of information across multiple files, studies, or data structures.

Our data structure is fully integrated using an open-source standardized data structure that is revolutionizing PHA documentation. The standardized data structure allows the development of tools that can display a single set of data as a HAZOP worksheet, LOPA worksheet, or bow-tie diagram.  The open-source standardized data structure was used since inception with a deliberate effort to eliminate the problems presented with other software.  As a result, data from multiple scenarios can rolled up into easier to use hazard registers and visualized with graphical approaches like bow-tie diagrams, rolled up into Power BI and other tools, eliminating the frustration of managing replicated data in multiple locations and different languages.

Recommendations Tracking Dashboard

Critical dash-board information and recommendation tracking provide oversight into what the status of studies, recommendations, risk ranks, safety-environmental-asset severities.

Deep Copy & Paste

Useful in situations where a node or deviation is like another and you want to capture the associated information to paste elsewhere. In these situations, a node or deviation is copied, pasted, and only the information that is different will be changed. This is much more efficient that building out a new node from scratch and helps to expedite HAZOP and LOPA meetings.

Explicit & Implicit Supported

Support for both explicit and the less common implicit LOPA. In an Explicit LOPA, the team establishes a TMEL target based on a consequence severity, then explicitly defined frequencies of cause and applies frequency modifiers such as conditional modifiers, enabling events and probabilities of failure for IPL’s. In an implicit LOPA, the team works with the concept of “LOPA credits”.

One-Source of HAZOP & LOPA Data Shared Seamlessly

Open PHA Cloud adds features that make processing HAZOP and LOPA results much easier once you return to the office. You can also easily setup individuals outside of your organization so that they can see HAZOP and LOPA results securely. This includes Kenexis if you want additional assistance with complex situations, SIL Calculations, focused QRAs, or Fault-Tree Analysis. Just like online banking, not even Kenexis can see your data in KISS unless you share it with us.

Open PHA Cloud leverages the power of the Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite to synchronize Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) in LOPA studies with the SIS lifecycle management tools in Kenexis Vertigo.  During project or conceptual design phases, Vertigo SIF lists can be automatically generated from IPL lists in Open PHA Cloud.  Following HAZOP and LOPA revalidation studies, Vertigo SIL Verification calculations and Safety Requirements Specifications can be synchronized with Open PHA Cloud automatically to update Risk Reduction and SIL Requirements.

Using Other PHA Software?

We realize that organizations have installed software applications on individual computers and transitioning to secure cloud-based solutions may either be a slow process, or in some cases not feasible yet. Because HAZOP and LOPA studies are the core of process safety documentation we believe it is important for the information contained within the HAZOP and LOPA to be easily shared across common applications and platforms.  Open PHA was developed to makes it easy for programmers with application program interfaces (APIs) to pull data from HAZOP and LOPA studies into third party and custom software tools like Power BI. This philosophy is a paradigm shift in PHA software as file data structures have historically been proprietary to prevent third-party access and discourage the use of competing software tools.

Support and service is our corporate culture, consequently KISS is kept up to date automatically and each time Open PHA desktop is started it will check to see if it is latest version and update itself at no cost as shown in the image to the left.

We will help with your transition from your existing system to Open PHA software by converting existing information, training, and ongoing support.

Security PHA Review Built-In

Easily review a HAZOP to record if the cause and safeguards can be compromised by a hacker or malware, ultimately determining if additional effort is required to secure the scenario against a cybersecurity risk.

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