Complete auditing and validation software to support virtually any type of audit including OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management.

Like Open-PHA™, the software will come in a Desktop (no cost version) and Cloud (subscription) version. The Desktop version runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and does not require an Internet connection and the Cloud version will run in most browsers requiring an Internet connection.

The desktop and cloud versions are interoperable, allowing files to transferred easily between the Cloud and Desktop versions.  Typically, most of the work is done on the desktop version and the cloud version is utilized for advanced features listed below.

No more porting and manipulating data and worrying about the consistency of information across multiple files, studies, or data structures. Our data structure is fully integrated using an open-source standardized data structure that is revolutionizing Audit and Validation documentation. The open-source standardized data structure was used since inception with a deliberate effort to eliminate the problems presented with other software.  As a result, data from multiple Audits and Validations  can rolled up into easier to use databases like Power BI and other tools, eliminating the frustration of managing replicated data in multiple locations and different languages.

Open Audit Desktop features:

  • Categories to facilitate areas of focus, Evidence recording, and Recommendations
  • Assessor Worksheets using structured data for easy integration with other applications and databases
  • Parking Lot for noteworthy content
  • Adjustable Scoring Criteria and Weighting Factors

Additional Open Audit Cloud features:

  • Audit Tracking
  • Template Libraries to improve consistency and process efficiency
  • Content Translation enables sharing results globally with ease
  • Report Generation from docx file formats for customization
  • Integrated Platform to share content easily using the Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite & Process Safety Training Center

Open Audit Brochure (coming soon)

Trial Request and Pricing Information

Configurable Worksheets

Familiar and easy to use Worksheets are Categorized for easy access including data control for reference documents, evidence, and recommendations.

Customize Ranking Criteria

Scoring or ranking criteria can easily be modified including weighting factors.

Premium Features

Additional premium settings will include:

  • Audit Tracking
  • Report Generation
  • Spell Checking
  • Content Translation
  • Template Libraries

Audit Tracking Report

Audit Tracking is probably one of the most requested features. This dashboard allows you to see the status of audits across an organization, site, or process. Being able to tell the status of all your required audits in realtime.

Integrated Safety Suite

Kenexis Software runs on our secure cloud servers and is accessed by any licensed user on any computer or tablet through a standard browser. The unique architecture ensures that your software is always available and up to date with the latest performance metrics and resource databases.

Our Process Safety Training Center is also integrated with the software on the Integrated Safety Suite so you can learn how to use the software, learn theory, and process safety engineering all in one place.

Our solution makes it easy for a licensed user to share project information with others including contracts, EPCs, and to leverage Kenexis process safety engineers for project assistance, outsourcing, and verification and certification of your analyses.

  • Compatibility with most browsers in most operating systems
  • Training Center is part of the Integrated Safety Suite
  • Extensive standard and custom equipment databases
  • Detailed technical documentation and help
  • Dedicated help desk and support


In addition to the Support page, there are several training courses on our Integrated Safety Suite. You can request trial license above to gain access to the training.

Once you have access to the trial and Log In, you will find a “Training” button to access the classes.

The software classes above are no charge.

There are also theory and practice classes that require an annual training subscription. Click on Training to learn more about all the online training available.

Trial Request & Pricing

Click here to get started and download Open Audit Desktop today for free!

There is NO CHARGE for Open Audit Desktop. Just download it using the link above. System requirements are minimal – Open Audit Desktop runs on Mac, Linux, or Windows

Click here to request a 30-day trial of the PREMIUM version, Open Audit Cloud 


Open Audit concurrent-user license cost $1,250/year. One concurrent license can be used easily in small team, but if you start needing access more when someone else is using the one license, you can add additional licenses at a discount annual subscription rate.

Use the Contact Kenexis link at the top right of this page to request a proposal.

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