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Kenexis is an engineering and consulting firm specializing in the application of engineering safeguards, such as safety instrumented systems, to the process industries. As a result, we have detailed understanding of the requirements of chemical process, in terms of what actions SIS need to take and how to implement them. Our instructors are leading experts in their respective fields, often published authors on the topics being discussed with years of real-world experience that form the basis for the course materials and examples. While Kenexis is prepared to provide custom training on a broad range of topics that are related to engineered safeguard design and implementation, our most sought after training has been packaged into the following courses.

Kenexis training is available in a number of ways. The most effective training involves direct participation of Kenexis instructors and your staff, on your site, using your process equipment as examples in the training effort. On site courses are available on the core courses listed below, or any customization that you require. We also provide open enrollment courses that are available to the public at a number of locations every year.

In addition, we offer distance learning via online training at the Kenexis Online Learning Center. The Learning Center is available through the Training menu above or by clicking on Kenexis Onine Learning Center.

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Course Descriptions:

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
Safety Lifecycle, SIL Selection, Safety Requirements Specification

Kenexis provides the users of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) with training required to cost-effectively implement systems that are highly reliable, easy to use, and ideally suited for their applications. This course presents core principals of Safety Instrumented Systems Engineering and is taught by engineers who have years of practical experience in the design of safety systems. Part 1 spans two days and covers the first half of the Safety Lifecycle. Key topics include identifying the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF), specifying a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for those functions, and writing Safety Requirements Specifications.


Conceptual Design and SIL Verification

This course takes up where Part 1 – Front End Engineering Design – leaves off. Starting with a safety requirements specification, this course explains the conceptual design process and the factors that are important to achieving the specified performance targets, particularly SIL. Calculation of probability of failure on demand in order to verify that the quantitative SIL target has been met is covered in detail. Key topics include working with failure rate data, performing reliability calculations to determine SIL achieved, incorporating the effect of diagnostics, understanding the relationship between testing and SIL, and reviewing safety equipment technology and architectures.


Bypassing Safety Instrumented Systems

Kenexis has developed a training course for Bypassing Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) that provides critical guidance and procedures that should be considered prior to defeating any safety critical system. Bypassing SIS takes understanding of the process and knowledge of the reasons when bypass is acceptable. Many plants have had catastrophic events related to improper bypass. In this course, our instructors explain what analysis is required and what level of review is necessary to determine when Bypassing SIS is the correct option and how accidents can occur if these procedures are not followed. Kenexis reviews the requirements for bypassing in SIS standards, how bypasses can be accomplished (including their strengths and limitations), management of change, and proper documentation and auditing.


Performance Based Fire and Gas System Design
An essential and complete guide to fire and gas system engineering for process facilities using performance based methods including detector mapping with hands-on learning experiences! Includes comprehensive case study examples employing Kenexis Effigy™ FGS performance modelling software and in depth modeling demonstrations. Fire and gas systems are an important tool for safeguarding process plants and production facilities that handle flammable and toxic materials. In order to make a fire and gas system effective, a systematic risk-based approach should be used to make key design decisions such as the quantity and placement of detectors. This course presents practical insight into fire and gas system design. The course uses a blended approach where prescriptive standards are discussed in combination with performance-based standards including ANSI/ISA 84.01. In addition , new concepts introduced in the ISA TR 84.00.07, such as detector coverage and fire and gas mapping are explained in detail.


Using the Kenexis Effigy Fire and Gas Mapping Toolkit
An essential and complete guide on use of the Kenexis Effigy Fire and gasMapping Toolkit. Effigy is an essential component of the Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite of applications for development of the design basis of a full range of instrumented safeguards employed at process facilities.


Kenexis is a strong supporter of ISA and the ISA certificate program for Safety Instrumented System competency in the process industries. As part of this support, Kenexis staff frequently teaches these ISA courses around the globe. In addition, Kenexis has been selected to represent ISA in the United Arab Emirates by sponsoring and presenting the safety instrumented systems series of ISA training courses along with their associated certificates.

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Functional Safety Assessment and Certification by Independent and expert third parties has been effectively utilized by industry as a tool for ensuring that the safety instrumented systems are designed in compliance with the IEC 61511 standard and best practices of peer companies. Kenexis is uniquely qualified to assist organizations in the process industry to perform this task.


Blue Team Course – ICS Cybersecurity Training
This 2-day course focuses on gaining a general exposure to and knowledge of practical ICS security in a real ICS environment. It is geared towards individuals that need to gain a greater understanding of what tools exist and how they can be utilized to asses and monitor ICS networks, including both incident detection and response. Emphasis during the course will be on defending ICS networks against attackers (blue-teaming). However, understanding an attacker’s perspective (red-teaming) is a very important part of learning how to defend ICS networks against an attack. The instructors will guide students through a subset of the vast number of different tools and techniques that exist, focusing on ones that have proven useful for both assessing and defending ICS networks.

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