The Process Safety Training Center is an ever growing library of online training for all things process safety including complete courses with testing similar to an online instructor led course. Training also includes additional prerecorded process safety webinars. The premium annual subscription fee is a fraction if the fee for one instructor led course.

Our training in online training is an annual subscription so subscribers can retake any course or revisit difficult sections as often as necessary for refreshing knowledge or preparing for a certification exam. Our training does issue certificates courses, but it is not a direct path to certification. The issued certificate states that you completed the course successfully and passed the test.

Basically, our training system is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of process safety challenges and consequently is offered at $950 USD per year for all of the online courses. Many people subscribe after taking the ISA EC50, 52, 54, or 56 courses to continue their studies in preparation for the certification exam. Engineering management uses our training site to verify that their employees have an adequate knowledge of process safety to perform the tasks they are assigned.

While the material is similar in overall content to an ISA or TUV course, if you want to take a certification exam you will need to take the ISA or TUV course.

Our Process Safety Training Center is integrated with our process safety software at no charge. Once you have a license (or trial license) to any of the software below, you can click on the Training button in the software and use the training for the software free of charge.

Online On-Demand Course List:

  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) – Participant Training
  • Safety Instrumented Systems Overview and Awareness
  • Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS)
  • Security PHA Review
  • SIL Verification
  • SIS – Maintenance Responsibilities
  • SIS – Management Responsibilities
  • SIS – Operations Responsibilities
  • Using Effigy
  • Using Open PHA
  • Using Vertigo
  • Bowtie for Open PHA
  • Calculating Fire Detector Coverage
  • Introduction to Fire and Gas Mapping
  • ISA TR 84.00.07-2019 Changes
  • Open PHA Custom Reporting
  • Scenario Coverage Gas Detector Placement
  • Getting Started with Effigy – Fire and Gas Mapping Software
  • Getting Started with OpScope – Procedure Design & Execution

Trial Request & Pricing

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Navigating the Process Safety Training Center

When you first log into you will see the page below.

In the button bar there is a button labeled Training that will take you to the Process Safety Training Center shown below. You can Browse the courses available from here using the Browse Available Courses link.

The Browse Available Courses link takes you to the image below. If you are accessing the training with a software license, then the classes marked “free” are included with the software license. If you have an annual training subscription then all the classes are available.

Training is integral to the online software and in the button bar. In the future, we will continue with further integration to facilitate the best possible process safety training integrated with the best process safety software.

Clicking on the Training menu item will take you to the courses where you can learn how to use the software or how to perform the HAZOP, LOPA, SIL Verification, and how to create a Performance-based Fire & Gas System.


Browse Available Courses

Once you have access, you can browse and register for both the included training for our software and recorded webinars on process safety topics.


Course Registration

You will also be able to browse the catalog of premium courses, but registration will require the purchase of an annual license.

Video Instruction

Our instructors our experts, consultants, and published authors.

Course Content

Courses include video instruction, downloadable required content, and quizzes.

Trial Request & Pricing

Due to the nature of training content, we only grant a 3-day trial to view and try the courses offered in the Process Safety Training Center. This is a premium service that is offered at an excellent annual price listed below.

3-day Process Safety Training Center trial request

After you submit the request and acknowledge your email address, you will see the message below in your email.

Click on the link to log in.

Once logged in, your screen will look like this and you can access the Process Safety Training Center using the “Training” button near the top right shown below.


$950/year per person includes access to the complete course list

COMING SOON we will have a per person corporate contracts include progress tracking matrix, the ability to upload your own corporate courses for your personnel, and coming soon – access to our programming interface and more

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