Fault-tree Analysis

Easy to use environment for developing complex system reliability models through an inexpensive and easy to use interface taking the pain out of building and managing fault-tree models and integrating with our SIS Lifecycle Management software and SIL Verification.

  • Quickly Identify Vulnerabilities in the System Design
  • Instrumentation & Control Equipment Failure Rate Database
  • SIS Lifecycle Management Integration for Complex SIL Verification Calculations
  • Part of the Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite

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Quickly Identify Vulnerabilities in the System Design

Robust minimum cut set analysis reporting makes it easy for users to quickly identify vulnerabilities in the system design by viewing details of the minimum cut set analysis through a clear and interactive interface.  Provides valuable statistical analysis of the system highlighting the details of most significant combinations of events which could result in system failure which streamlines the process of sensitivity analysis and evaluation of alternative designs.

Instrumentation & Control Equipment Failure Rate Database

Kenexis extensive database of failure rate data for instrumentation and controls equipment comes with Arbor at no additional cost.  Failure data is quickly found, processed and applied in fault tree analysis within a matter a few simple mouse clicks, eliminating the time-consuming task of developing failure rate models for your fault trees.  Our engineers use this data every day to perform a variety of process safety studies so you can be sure that the data have been well vetted and is always current.

SIS Lifecycle Management Integration for Complex SIL Verification Calculations

Arbor is integrated with Vertigo™ SIS Lifecycle Management software to facilitate complex SIL Verification calculations.  By default, Vertigo will perform SIL Verification Calculations in conformance with the recommended practice of ISA TR84.00.02 Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) – Safety Integrity Level (SIL Evaluation Techniques Part 2: Determining the SIL of a SIF via Simplified Equations).  For complex systems, this recommended practice is not sufficient.  Integration of the Arbor Fault Tree Analysis application allows an SIS designer to quickly and easily verify system designs regardless of the complexity of the system failure modes.  Fault-tree results from Arbor are easily linked to Safety Instrumented Functions in Vertigo for reporting purposes.

Continuing Engineering Support

Continuing Engineering Support provides either a service or seconded (contract) employee. Companies can take advantage of contracting an SIS or PSM expert with the backing of Kenexis for extended periods to function as part of an engineering team. Or companies can take advantage of the same Kenexis staff  to function as a service to provide the same functions as an independent third party.

In either role, Kenexis staff serves as an advocate of the safety control, alarms, and interlocks (SCAI) asset base for the client (including safety instrumented system (SIS), fire and gas detection systems, and critical alarms). The position works cross-functionally to advocate for best practices in the selection, implementation, and maintenance of the SCAI asset base to ensure that regulatory, production, and optimization objectives are met.

Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite

Arbor – Fault Tree Analysis Software is part of the integrated-online engineering software from Kenexis. Our secure cloud-based model is accessed by any licensed user on any computer or tablet through a standard browser. The unique architecture ensures that your software is always available and up to date with the latest performance metrics and resource databases. Our solution makes it easy for a licensed user to share project information with others including contracts, EPCs, and to leverage Kenexis process safety engineers for project assistance, outsourcing, and verification and certification of your analyses.

  • Compatibility with most browsers in most operating systems
  • Extensive standard and custom equipment databases
  • Detailed technical documentation and help
  • Dedicated help desk and support
  • Reports and graphical results output and export

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Arbor is a cloud-based fault-tree analysis tool that includes access to Kenexis extensive database of failure rate data for instrumentation and controls equipment as part of the Integrated Safety Suite. A concurrent-user license cost $1,000/yr for the first license. One concurrent license can be used easily in small team, but if you start needing access more when someone else is using the one license, you can add a subsequent license for only half the annual subscription rate.

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