Process Safety Engineering Software


Kenexis recognizes the significance of offering reliable process safety engineering software solutions to businesses, with advanced features at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to alleviate common challenges associated with software updates and ensuring adequate training for your team. Our expert engineers at Kenexis have developed and refined software integral to our daily process safety engineering consulting services.

We proudly offer our full range of software applications, enabling customers to choose between the entire suite or individual applications to meet their specific needs.

Our software, developed and maintained in-house, is utilized daily by our engineers in their process safety engineering services.

  • Open-PHA™ is HAZOP and LOPA software, industry leading features at an incredible value!
  • Vertigo SIS lifecycle management software for performing SIL Verification, developing and maintaining Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS), and tracking SIS performance during operation
  • Arbor fault-tree analysis software is our easy-to-use tool for developing complex system reliability models
  • Effigy fire and gas mapping software with patented plume modeling technology is designed to follow the ISA TR84.00.07 Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire, Combustible Gas, and Toxic Gas System Effectiveness
  • Open Audit validation and auditing software is designed to support virtually and type of audit including OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management

Common Features

  • Integrated Software and Training Safety Suite
  • Extensive Standard and Custom Equipment Databases Failure Rates
  • Detailed Technical Documentation
  • Dedicated Help Desk including Premium Support for Cloud-based Software
  • Extended Support at Hourly Rates for Process Safety Engineering if you require assistance with your project
  • Import and Export projects, data, reports, and results
  • Compatibility with most web browsers
  • Compatibility with most operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows


Kenexis software is cloud-based and accessed through a web browser, so the traditional software licensing models do not apply.  Licensing is based on a concurrent user licensing model which works similar to the traditional network license.  You can have an unlimited number of users with access to your license.  However, the number of users who can access the software simultaneously is limited by the number of concurrent user licenses that you obtain.

Most users work in our standard Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite platform where the data is secure.  Our standard platform works the same way that online banking works using Microsoft Azure security recommendations. Your data is contained in the same system as other users but no other users will be able to access or see you data because of the data security restrictions unless you specifically authorize it.

Some companies have restrictive data policies that do not want to have their data stored offsite. Consequently, it is possible to have a version of Kenexis Integrated Safety Suite installed on a private instance of Microsoft Azure. Contact Kenexis using the Contact Form on the bottom of our About page for additional information and cost.

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