No Cost, No Tricks, and we keep it up to date every-time you start the software while your computer is connected to the Internet. Register below to download a copy of Open-PHA™ Desktop.

We want you to be successful first try, so please follow the instructions below for Mac and Linux installs. The instructions will also be available on the confirmation page with the download links.

Install Instructions

To Install Open-PHA™ Desktop on a Mac you’ll need to allow installation of App’s from sources outside the Mac App Store.  You can change your security settings to allow this by going into System Preferences – Security & Privacy – General Tab.  From there, under the “Allow apps downloaded from:” option, select “App Store and identified developers”, enter your administrator password to confirm the change and install Open-PHA™ using the standard drag-drop method for dmg installers.

Open-PHA™ Desktop for Linux is installed using an AppImage.  AppImage’s are somewhat new so If you haven’t used them before you can learn more here  Installation with AppImages couldn’t be easier, just follow the steps below.

First, download the AppImage file and relocate it from your downloads folder to a permanent location (you should not delete or move the AppImage File – it is required to run Open-PHA™ even after installation).

Second, make the AppImage executable. From terminal, navigate to the folder where the AppImage is saved and type of the following command, where #.#.# is the Open-PHA™ version number of the downloaded AppImage.

chmod +x open-pha-#.#.#-x86_64.AppImage

Last, run the AppImage by double-clicking it.

Open-PHA™ Desktop for Windows is installed using the “OpenPHASetup(version number).exe” that downloads once you have successfully submitted the form data.

Run the exe file by double clicking on it.

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