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Providing the best process safety focused technical training optimized for process safety personnel.

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The Kenexis Process Safety Training Center is a growing library of online training for all things process safety.

Browse courses on a variety of topics from highly qualified experts, published authors and process safety professionals.

Course topics include:

  1. Process Safety Engineering
    1. Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)
    2. Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
    3. Safety Instrumented System Design
    4. Fire & Gas System Design
    5. Security PHA Review
  2. Kenexis Software
    1. Arbor – Fault Tree Analysis
    2. Effigy – Fire and Gas Mapping
    3. Open PHA – PHA/LOPA
    4. Vertigo – SIS Lifecycle Management
    5. OpScope – Procedure Design and Execution
  3. Recorded Process Safety Webinars

Now the link to training is integral to the online software and in the menu bar.

In the future, we will continue with further integration to facilitate the best possible process safety training integrated with the best process safety software.

Clicking on the Training menu item will take you to the curses where you can learn how to use the software or how to perform the HAZOP, LOPA, SIL Verification, and how to create a Performance-based Fire & Gas System.

The Kenexis Online Learning Center is no longer accepting new registrations or course purchases. The site is still operational for customers and register users. The site will migrate to the new Process Safety Training Center soon. Current customers and register users will be provided access to the new site. Registered users will be able to see that course list and watch the no charge content as before. Customers will be provided a 1-year subscription to all the classes on the new site at no charge.

In the near future, we will shutdown the Online Learning Center.

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SOON you will be able to request a basic user account to view no charge content and you will be able to see the course list and descriptions of the courses in the paid subscription. 


$600/year per person includes access to the complete course list

$900/year per person corporate contracts include progress tracking matrix, the ability to upload your own corporate courses for your personnel, and coming soon – access to our programming interface and more

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