Reducing Procedure Execution Risk

OpScope is specifically designed to improve process execution and consequently safety.
OpScope supports any type of procedure.
  • Corrective – something broke
  • Preventive – you don’t want something to break
  • Conditional – you reached a milestone; miles, cycles, time, vibration, temperature, etc.…
  • Risk – you need to make sure it will work when you need it

As well as any type of environment from CAR Seal Checks to maintenance relighting a boiler in the facility.

Capture Experienced Staff Knowledge

We created a very easy to use tool to solve large problems that we have experienced in the operation and maintenance of facilities.

Procedure Creation & Enhancement

Procedures are created through easy-to-use interface in a browser usually by copying and pasting text for each step of a procedure from an existing written procedure.

Once the steps are copied into an OpScope procedure, steps can be enhanced using mobile device in the field while performing the procedure or walking through it.

  • Add specific location using GPS function in the mobile device
  • Record equipment images
  • Record QR tags on devices
  • Record video instruction

Recording video instruction live at the device enables extremely valuable knowledge capture from experienced staff while they are doing the procedure.

Device & Location Confirmation

If you search through the reports available from the Chemical Safety Board, you will notice that human errors including operating the wrong device on the wrong piece of equipment happens.

By reading a QR tag on the device and verifying that your mobile device is in the right area provides improved confirmation that you have the right device in hand.

  • QR codes are easy to create and scan to verify that you have the right device in hand
  • QR code scan approval can be a permissive to advance to the next step
  • Location maps, equipment images, and drawings are all designed to add context to the procedure to ensure the step is executed correctly on the right equipment

Situational & Historical Awareness

OpScope has a dashboard that provides real-time situational awareness of all active procedures throughout an organization.

Historical procedure information could add valuable insight to procedures.
  • Fast procedures might indicate personnel taking short cuts,
  • Slow procedures might indicate a problem with the procedure or equipment

Permissives & Confirmation Failure

Each procedural step can include a QR code to verify that the procedure is enacted on the correct device. By placement QR code tags on the equipment designated in the procedure, the procedure step would require the QR code to be scanned by the device the procedure was checked out on prior to advancing the step, thereby verifying that the step is actually done on the correct equipment. 

The system records the device identity the procedure was checked out on.

By recording the procedural work step by step, you can further analyze effort looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce delays in accomplishing needed tasks. If the same step always takes longer than the procedure predicts, then decisions can be made to adjust the time requirement or look for ways to optimize the step like “presaging equipment, tools, or additional personnel”. 

Scheduling Procedures

Most companies have spent a lot of money and time implementing a maintenance scheduling tool. The OpScope procedure execution system is focused on the harder functions of procedure execution and capturing staff expertise. Use your own scheduling tool.

Car Seal

OpScope is an excellent tool for periodic Car Seal checks.
OSHA Directive CPL 03-00-004 provides guidance on the use of car seals on the upstream and downstream isolating block valves of a safety relief valve, but stresses the importance of having control measures and safeguards in place to guide workers on there use
OHSA 1910.147 further states that “Specific procedural steps for shutting down, isolating, blocking and securing machines or equipment to control hazardous energy” and “Specific procedural steps for the placement, removal and transfer of lockout devices or tagout devices and the responsibility for them”
Car Seal programs provide this type of management
  • Car Seal is similar to lock out tag out, but deliberately different
  • Lock out tag out focus is on personnel safety from a variety of hazards
  • Car seal specifically focuses on dangerous material in containment

In OpScope, management of the Bypass of Field Devices

  • List all devices that can cause bypass of SIS
  • Mark devices and P&IDs and add to car-seal list
  • Perform regular inspection of car-sealed device
  • Step execution is controlled and permissive-based
  • Scan QR codes for each device during the step to check it
  • Use location (and/or device image) to verify
  • Complete step and move to next

Trial Request & Pricing

Trial Request is not available through our normal automatic method. Use the Contact Kenexis section below to request a trial. 

Download the app at no cost from your app store for cell phones and tablets by searching for OpScope or Kenexis. 


OpScope is licensed differently than that other software in the Integrated Safety Suite. OpScope is licensed based on the number of procedures you intend to put into the software at a site. Additional licenses can be purchased for the site in any of the three quantities as required if you find you need more than the original number of procedures.

10 procedure site license is $500 USD
50 procedure site license is $2,250 USD
100 procedure site license is $4,000 USD

Use the Contact Kenexis link at the top right of this page to request a proposal.

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