Capture Experienced Staff Knowledge

We created a very easy to use tool to solve large problems that we have experienced in the operation and maintenance of facilities.

Document While Doing It

Instead of spending months trying to write procedures by committee, the tool is so easy to use, you can document a procedure while you are doing the procedure. It does not replace your scheduling tool; we chose instead to focus on the harder function of actually capturing staff expertise and execution of the procedure.

Situational Awareness

We wanted to provide real-time situational awareness of all active procedures throughout an organization including who, where, and what is actual in progress to which equipment. OpScope is an enterprise capable solution that is customizable for each location based on the local equipment and procedures. 

When a procedure (including maintenance, operations, testing, rounds, or any other task) is checked out, the personnel who are doing the work are recorded and tracked throughout the procedure until the procedure is checked back into the system. Each procedure is as detailed as required to support all the information necessary to complete the task including the written procedure step-by-step, short & long descriptions, guides, drawings, pictures, specifications, manuals, images, video, tutorials, and more.

Verification & Permissives

Each procedural step can include a QR code to verify that the procedure is enacted on the correct device. By placement QR code tags on the equipment designated in the procedure, the procedure step would require the QR code to be scanned by the device the procedure was checked out on prior to advancing the step, thereby verifying that the step is actually done on the correct equipment. 

Built in complete permissive check  ensuring that the work is only done by the right people, when appropriate, and is signed off on at completion. Like revision control on the procedures themselves, the complete permissive will record the signature and any procedural checks necessary to insure proper completion of the procedure. 

The system also records the device identity the procedure was checked out on, who checked it out, who will be assisting, and other pertinent information based on the procedural requirements. This also begins GPS location tracking using the device itself, typically a site approved cell phone or tablet that meets your area classification requirements is used to perform the procedure. Operations will know who is where and working on what. 

By recording the procedural work step by step, you can further analyze effort looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce delays in accomplishing needed tasks. If the same step always takes longer than the procedure predicts, then decisions can be made to adjust the time requirement or look for ways to optimize the step like “presaging equipment, tools, or additional personnel”. 

Active Procedures in Real-time

Our dashboard provides a real-time view of what procedures are active throughout their facility and where the personnel are located performing those procedures.


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