Kenexis Resources for SIS Functional Safety Certification Exams

Kenexis is now making our Kenexis Process Safety Training Center, which is part of our cloud based portal for technical safety, the Kenexis Integrated Process Safety Suite (you might know it better as KISS), to students who are preparing for certification exams.  Especially the gold standard for SIS functional safety competency certification, the ISA EC50, EC52, and EC 54 courses which will lead you to the “ISA 84 Expert Certification”.   The Kenexis Process Safety Training Center is in no way a replacement for the ISA training and certification.  Kenexis believes certification should be done by an independent standards body not a private company (even one hiding its ownership behind a non-profit).  Also, Kenexis training modules are focused on providing education for how to execute technical safety engineering tasks using Kenexis software tools, whereas ISA training is unbiased vendor agnostic training from a standards body.  We are complimentary (especially if you use our software…), not conflicting.

Here is our offer.  If you are in the process of studying and practicing for a certification exam, let us know, and we will provide you with a one-time 6 months of complimentary access to the Process Safety Training Center.  The Process Safety Training Center provides you access to our entire catalog of online training courses.  The most important part of this is that all of our training courses come with exams and quizzes as part of the training.  These quizzes and exams are invaluable practice for the exams that you will soon be taking for certification.  All you need to do is contact Kenexis (feel free to contact me directly, [email protected]), let me know what exam you are taking and when, and I will set you up.  This offer is excellent for those taking ISA exams, but even if you’re going with one of the “other guys” the offer still stands.

The best approach for studying for the certification exams is to re-read the portions of the standard that are relevant to the exam, review the course materials, and then execute sample exam questions.  Another resource is the quizzes (and associated course materials) from the Kenexis Process Safety Learning Center.  In order to use the training, go to  Once at the web site, log in using the credentials that were provided to you in the automatically generated e-mail.  If you did not receive one, check your junk mail folder.  After logging in, you will land at the project manager portion of the portal.  Here you can click on the training icon to take you to the process safety management learning center.

Once in the learning center, click on the link to browse available courses which will bring up the inventory of all the training classes that are available in the system.  The Learning Center allows a licensed user to take any and all training classes that are available while their license is active.  You can think of the Kenexis Process Safety Learning Center as the “Netflix” of process safety training, and after taking any ISA training class that is taught by a Kenexis engineer, you will receive a complimentary 6 months of access.  When you click on a training class on this screen, you will be presented with an overview of the course and a button that allows you single click registration for the training course, as shown below.

After clicking on the registration button and clicking start course, you will be taken to the online course.  Here, you will be able to navigate through the course sections or click on “Course Documents” which will allow you to download the associated “workbook and study guide” and any other documents or books that are provided as part of the course.  As you navigate through the course contents, you will be able to view the instructional videos and/or take course quizzes, as shown below.

When you select a quiz, it will be presented to you in the same multiple-choice format as you can expect to see during the certification exams, as shown below.

While all of the courses are available to users who are licensed for the Process Safety Training Center, I would recommend that following courses to provide a good practice for the certification exam.

For EC50

  1. Safety Instrumented Systems –Overview and Awareness
  2. SIS – Maintenance Responsibilities
  3. SIS – Management Responsibilities
  4. SIS – Operations Responsibilities
  5. Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) – Participant Training
  6. OPTIONAL – SIL Verification* – Some questions might be too advanced
  7. OPTIONAL – Safety Requirements Specifications* – Some questions might be too advanced

For EC52

  1. Safety Instrumented Systems – Overview and Awareness
  2. Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) – Participant Training

For EC54

  1. Safety Instrumented Systems – Overview and Awareness
  2. SIS – Maintenance Responsibilities
  3. SIL Verification
  4. Safety Requirements Specifications

If you have any questions about using the Training Center to study for your certification exam.  Please feel free to contact Kenexis.