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Edward Marszal PE, ISA 84 Expert
Edward Marszal PE, ISA 84 Expert President & Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Edward M. Marszal drives Kenexis and industry to change the way that safety and security are incorporated into industrial business practices.  “Historically, and even today, safety and security consulting activities are generally performed by third-party consultants on a project-by-project basis.  This approach has led to a lot of inconsistency, poor results, and unmanageable documentation, as purchasing departments searched for the lowest price bidder for each project, often using dozens of different consultants.  Now that most technical safety tasks are well established, operating companies are in a better position to take these tasks in-house to reduce costs and increase consistency and quality.  Kenexis is helping industry to do this by providing best-in-class software tools, associated training, and comprehensive technical support.”, said Mr. Marszal during a recent industry group presentation.

Mr. Marszal has been a pioneer of process safety for more than 25 years.  He is known to joke that, “When I invented LOPA I called it simplified fault tree analysis, but the guys from Rohm and Haas had a catchier name.  Of course, my simplified FTA math is still the underpinning of most LOPA procedures and tools.”  Mr. Marszal is a prolific writer and educator, having written award winning books, countless technical papers, world renowned training courses, and in the age of new media – technical blogs often including video demonstrations and presentations.

Mr. Marszal has overall responsibility for the vision and direction of Kenexis, working closely with other Kenexis business leaders in defining engineering consulting practices and resources, directing development of technologies and software, building close client relationships, and ensuring business process compliance and finance.

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