You may not have noticed some of the changes to the Kenexis website. It is now converted to new web technologies making it much easier to use on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Another usability enhancement was the addition of translation services provided by Microsoft Bing. This enables you to read many of the websites pages in languages like Arabic, Chinese and many more including Klingon. Seriously, Bing supports Klingon. We chose Bing because it also allows you to correct its translation, ultimately making it a better tool.

We also migrated the website to secure HTTPS technology to protect your privacy and security for future features. Upcoming releases will include a secure store and payment processing system so you can purchase our learning modules online and start your course immediately.

Speaking of courses, in the next few months we are adding a series of new courses. The first classes will include oil refining overview courses and a series of courses on performing cybersecurity functions on industrial control systems and process control networks.

If you have any questions or comments, including ideas, about the website, white-papers, course topics or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. Email me at [email protected] and my phone number is +1-614-451-7031.

Arabic Screenshot