Kenexis President and CEO, Ed Marszal, presented a training seminar in Beijing, China.  The seminar occurred during the week of January 16th.  The seminar was sponsored and arranged by the China Chemical Safety Association (CCSA). Kenexis is particularly indebted to the work of CCSA Secretary General and SAWS Chairman Mr. Lu, for arranging this event.  In addition, the work of Mr. Wenyue Li and Mr. Zhijie XU was also invaluable in making this a successful event.  The seminar was provided an overview of the SIS safety lifecycle as presented in the IEC 61511 standard, along with a discussion of the Kenexis Vertigo tool for the automation of the SIS safety lifecycle.  The meeting was sold out in terms of attendance, with delegates from most of China’s major chemical companies, including Sinopec, China National Petroleum Corporation, Shenwa, Sinopec SABIC Shanghai Tianjin Petrochemical Company, and many others.

Attendees of SIS Safety Lifecycle Post Seminar Q&A Session

Over the course of the week, Mr. Marszal also visited to the Chinese State Association for Worker Safety (SAWS), the Chinese equivalent to OSHA, and met with SAWS chairman Mr. Lu to discuss cooperation with Kenexis.  In the picture below, Mr. Marszal stands outside the SAWS building with Mr. Lu, and CCSA members Mr. Li and Mr. Xu.

Kenexis, CCSA, and SAWS outside the State Administration for Worker Safety Building in Beijing