The Kenexis software development team is proud to announce that the newest application in the Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite, Arbor is now in available for a free trial during our preferred client preview.  Arbor is a Fault Tree Analysis application designed by and built for process safety professionals.  While Arbor is a full featured Fault Tree Analysis application, it has been specifically designed with the SIS engineer in mind, utilizing the extensive Kenexis failure rate library and integrating seamlessly with the Kenexis Vertigo SIS Lifecycle Management application.

We are currently looking for interested parties outside of Kenexis to participate in our preferred client preview.  The preferred client preview process allows us to collect valuable insight from you, the process safety community, to ensure that Kenexis software continues to exceed our clients expectations.  If you are an existing Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite user, you will be automatically enrolled in the preferred client preview and will have full access to Arbor the next time you access your KISS account.  If you are not an existing user and you are interested in providing feedback on the Arbor application we would be happy to provide you with full access during the preview period.

Don’t wait, the preview period will close March 28, 2017.  Requests to participate in the preview should be forwarded to [email protected] with the subject line “Arbor Preview”.

Please provide any feedback on your Arbor experience to [email protected], or submit a support ticket through our support website at