Make sure to check out the cover article in ISA’s InTech publication.

In the article, Ed Marszal explains:

ISA-InTech-article-bullets-snapshot“Even though cyber-threats are not adequately addressed with existing process hazard analysis (PHA) methods, there is no reason to abandon everything that we know about process risk assessment and start from scratch. Instead, industry is extending tried-and-true methodologies for PHA to address the problem of deliberate cyberattacks. By doing so, none of the existing PHA effort is wasted or needlessly duplicated. Instead, a small amount of additional effort is utilized by starting with traditional PHA and focusing only on scenarios where cyberattacks are the cause or scenarios where cyberattacks can prevent all the safeguards from operating properly. It is these key scenarios that will generate recommendations to implement safeguards that are inherently safe against cyberattack, or to define the appropriate level of safeguarding from cyberattack, as defined by a security level (SL).”ISA-Intech-article-snapshot

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