The China University of Petroleum and Kenexis has signed licensing agreements that will allow the university to utilize Kenexis software and Kenexis training materials in the gradudate and undergraduate curricula for the Department of Safety Science and Engineering of the College of Mechanical Engineering.  In keeping with Kenexis’ policy of giving back to the engineering community and building a stronger process safety capability at the University level, Kenexis has licensed its software and intellectual property to China University of Petroleum free of charge.

Kenexis President and CEO, Ed Marszal travelled to Qingdao China to attend the signing ceremony.  “I’m pleased to be working with China University of Petroleum to build up the skills set of its engineers that are process safety focused, providing them the tools and training that they will be using in the work environment after leaving University.  We at Kenexis feel strongly about helping universities and colleges around the world to educate the next generation of technical safety engineers.”

Dr. Haiqing Wang, of China University of Petroleum, has been leading the expansion of course offerings in technical safety and the performance based design of instrumented safeguards.  He expects to have the software tools in the hands of his graduate students almost immediately, and then to the undergraduates shortly thereafter.  China University of Petroleum will be using the Effigy fire and gas mapping toolkit along with the Vertigo SIS Safety Lifecycle Management software.  The application of Kenexis software is especially timely as Kenexis has just added Chinese language support into its cloud based software offering.