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Helping our process industry clients make their facilities safer and more productive.

As consultants, Kenexis ensures the integrity of instrumented safeguards and industrial networks. We do this by employing core skills in risk analysis, reliability engineering, and process engineering. Using those skills, we help establish the design and maintenance specification of instrumented safeguards, such as safety instrumented systems (SIS), alarm systems, fire and gas systems, and industrial control systems (ICS) network design, performance, and cyber security.

We participate, teach and utilize industry standards and best practices including ISA 84/IEC 61511 Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) used in the Fire and Gas Systems Industry, ISA/IEC-62443 (formerly ISA-99) Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security, NIST Cyber Security Framework, and NERC CIP Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Our services help our clients to comply with appropriate regulations and standards, and benchmark their performance and processes against industry best practices. These services allow our clients to have best in class safety and reliability while investing resources that are in line with industry norms.