Please join Kenexis at the upcoming ISA training courses in Houston, TX

Click on the links below to learn more about the upcoming courses and register.  You can also view a professional profile of the Kenexis instructor leading each course.

June 19-23 2023:  ISA EC50 – Safety Instrumented Systems A Life-Cycle Approach instructed by Kenexis president Edward Marszal

This course focuses on the engineering requirements for the specification, design, analysis, and justification of safety instrumented systems for the process industries. Students will learn how to determine safety integrity levels and evaluate whether proposed or existing systems meet the performance and documentation requirements defined in the ISA 84 (IEC61511) standard. (REGISTER NOW)

June 26-27 2023: ISA EC52 – Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection instructed by Kenexis Senior Engineer John Applegate

This course focuses on further hands-on examples of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) selection using a variety of different techniques and providing more insight into the factors that determine risk reduction requirements. Students will be better able to save their companies time and money through the optimization of system performance requirements.  This builds upon the foundation set in ISA’s EC50 (Safety Instrumented Systems-A Life-Cycle Approach). (REGISTER NOW)

June 28-29 2023: ISA EC54 – Advanced Design and SIL Verification instructed by Kenexis Senior Engineer John Applegate

This course focuses on more detailed design issues and further hands-on examples of system analysis/modeling. Students will be better able to perform system design and analysis thus saving their companies time and money in optimizing system designs. This course will enable you to analyze any system technology and configuration to see if it will meet the required SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and determine if existing systems are safe enough, if they need to be upgraded, and whether proposed systems will meet the performance requirements. You will also be able to determine the optimum manual test interval for any system, saving your company time and money by not over- or under-testing systems. (REGISTER NOW)