Kenexis training classes and seminar utilize sample processes for educational purposes.  This article describes the tank farm example and provides files necessary to complete an analysis of the sample facility.  In the tank farm example, we have a simple process consisting of four pumps and two storage vessels.  One vessel, an atmospheric storage tank is filled with diesel fuel, and has two associated pumps.  The second vessel is a pressure vessel that contains propane, and also has two associated pumps.

The information contained on this page includes a PNG file of the plot plan of the facility that can be used as the overlay drawing.  The Tank Farm Plant Drawings document is a PDF file the includes the same plot plan drawing, but also has a second page that includes process flow diagram information along with material balance information that can be used for grading.

The Tank Farm Study Spreadsheet contains all of the numerical data that is required to define the zone and the equipment in the zone.

Tank Farm Overlay.png

Tank Farm Plant Drawings.pdf

Tank Farm Study.xlsx