We are pleased to announce the addition of the Safety Instrumented Systems Overview and Awareness to the Process Safety Training Center.

This course provides an online self-paced overview and awareness level of SIS design that is appropriate for all personnel that interact with SIS in any way. The course includes informative examples that highlight the concepts of SIS design and employs a post instructional survey to ensure that the presented materials was understood and retained.

Safety instrumented systems (SIS) are some of the most common and effective safeguards that protect process plants.  Ensuring their appropriate design is a mission critical task that is typically performed in conformance with international standards such as IEC 61511 (2016) Functional Safety – Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector or national versions. The United States national standard is ISA 84.00.01 which provides a safety lifecycle framework to guide the activities that should be accomplished to achieve functional safety, along with establishing the performance criteria, called Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) that define SIS performance.

The course is designed to provide a general overview and awareness of safety instrumented systems regardless of the international or national standard.

The course is available at https://kenexislms.com/product/safety-instrumented-systems-overview-and-awareness/.