On 20 Sep 2018, Kenexis CEO Ed Marszal presented at the 2018 Kaspersky Industrial Cyber-Security conference in Sochi, Russia.

The topic of the presentation was Security PHA Review (SPR).  The presentation provides a brief overview of the topic while highlighting a specific application – a oil pipeline pumping station.  This example was chosen because an actual cyber-attack with significant physical damage was staged on this type of facility, no too far from Sochi.  Mr. Marszal:

  • Explained the equipment
  • Showed how the attack occured
  • Demonstrated the traditional risk analysis of the hazard
  • Presented the weaknesses of the traditional risk analysis approach
  • Provided an overview of SPR
  • Showed how SPR would have identified the vulnerability to cyber-attack of the design
  • Demonstrated how to pick an appropriate security level (SL) for the scenario
  • Explain how an inherently safe design option was available but not used
  • Illustrated several inerently safe against cyber-attack safeguards that could have been used to prevent the loss of containment accident
  • Presented a summary of the benefits of SPR in this case and in general.

The encore performance is available on video here and on the Kenexis YouTube channel.