While the Open-PHA® quick print options are easy to use and great for creating HAZOP/LOPA reports, Open-PHA® premium reporting options can take your productivity to another level.  In addition to the quick print options available to all Open-PHA® users, Open-PHA® Cloud users will also have access to the Open-PHA® Cloud Report Generator when working on the Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite (KISS).

The Report Generator has two reporting modes, basic and custom.

In the basis reporting mode, you can generate reports containing one or more tables populated by your HAZOP and LOPA data similar to the quick print excel tables but combined in a single Microsoft Word file with your desired page size and orientation.

In the custom reporting mode, you can upload a custom report template using a Microsoft Word file. This is where the Premium Report Generator really shines.  The custom report generator will automatically populate your template with the appropriate data right in your existing HAZOP/LOPA report templates.  With a little bit of configuration, you can take any existing HAZOP/LOPA report templates you may use today and modify then to function with the Open-PHA® Cloud Report Generator and start generating reports styled and formatted to fit your needs instantly.

Your custom report template will need to contain text patterns that the Open-PHA® Cloud report generator can recognize and replace with your study data.  You can see a full list of text patterns recognized by Open-PHA® in the Open-PHA® Cloud Reporting Text Patterns article.

The video below demonstrates the use of the Open-PHA® Cloud Report Generator.