Open-PHA® HAZOP and LOPA software by Kenexis

Open-PHA® HAZOP and LOPA software by Kenexis is highly sought-after for demos among our software applications. As a result, we’ve recorded this video of an in-depth demonstration of all the features, benefits, and unique licensing of this software.  Join Ed Marszal, President of Kenexis, as he showcases both the free desktop version and the premium cloud version of Open-PHA®.

At Kenexis, we understand the importance of providing dependable process safety engineering software solutions to businesses. We offer advanced features at an affordable price, aiming to address common challenges associated with software updates and ensuring sufficient training for your team.

Our skilled engineers at Kenexis have meticulously crafted software that forms an integral part of our daily process safety engineering consulting services. Developed and maintained in-house, our software is utilized by our engineers daily to deliver top-notch process safety engineering services