Kenexis has just refreshed our Model RFQ document for fire and gas mapping.  It has been updated to show all of the advancements in FGS mapping technology, and it has also been streamlined to show the most popular workflows for a FGS mapping project.  For those of you who don’t know, Kenexis has a lot of tools available to help our customers make their lives easier.  Model RFQ documents are just one of them.  The Model RFQ document can be found in the Tools section of our web site, along with a lot of other useful documents and templates.

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If you are not familiar with Model RFQ documents, they are a good starting point for operating companies and engineering companies who are in the process of developing a request for quotation document, but are not familiar enough with the technology to know what to ask for.  The fire and gas mapping Model RFQ is the starting point to develop your own RFQ document that you can send out to other engineering companies, vendors, and consultants as the basis for the proposals for service that they will provide back to you.  The Model RFQ document provides you with a list of requirements and features that you should ask for, along with defining what the scope of activities for this type of service needs to be.  It also provides some samples of what the deliverable documents should look like.  If you need to prepare an RFQ for fire and gas mapping, and don’t know where to start, this document if for you.

Download Model RFQ Document