Kenexis Webinar Series: Unified Hazard Assessment


Unified Hazard Assessment is an approach that will allow for HAZOP, LOPA, Hazard Registers, and Bowtie Analysis to all be performed from a single database using a single software tool. In order to gain the full power of unified hazard assessment, industry will need to do some standardization of how process hazard analysis data is structured, and formalize how PHA studies need to be documented, but the benefits are powerful. No longer will PHA data be an unusable and poorly organized document that is only useful for providing recommendations and “checking the box” for regulatory compliance. In the future, PHA data will be an evergreen tool for managing the implementation and usefulness of all process safety barriers.


Our next webinar:  Unified Hazard Assessment


Will be held:


Friday, January 17th 


10:00 am Eastern Time, UTC-05:00


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