FGS Mapping, specifically using the Kenexis Effigy FGS Mapping software application is the topic of a new video released by Kenexis.  The video, which runs about four and a half minutes, provides a great overview of the process of fire and gas mapping in general and also provides a detailed explanation of how the Kenexis Effigy Fire and Gas Mapping software operates.  If you have ever been in the position of trying to explain what fire and gas mapping is to people who do not want to watch our two-hour tutorial on the subject, this video is a great starting point.  Whether you are a novice to the field of FGS Mapping or an expert who wants to get a better understanding of why Effigy is the tool of choice for operating companies and engineering firms alike, this brief introduction is worth a watch.

The video begins with a new animation that tells the story of the Kenexis logo.  After that Kenexis’ Sean Cunningham provide a historical perspective on the expert judgment and rule-of-thumb basis for most current fire and gas system designs.  The video then moves on introduce the quantitative performance based method of fire and gas mapping for placement of fire and gas detectors in a manner that is quantitative, repeatable, and defensible.  The video explores the development of a study starting with building a 3D representation of a process plant by either importing from CAD or building the model based on primitive geometric shapes, and also how to define graded areas within the process plant the define the required level of coverage.  The video then moves on to discuss how Effigy models the specific performance of various models and settings of industrial fire and gas detectors for different design basis releases.  Both methods of coverage that are defined in ISA TR 84.00.07, geographic coverage and scenario coverage, are defined, described, and have graphic results presented.

Fore a more detailed discussion of fire and gas mapping, please view our full tutorial.

Also, a performance based fire and gas engineering handbook, written by the engineers at Kenexis is available from ISA.