The services that Kenexis provides depend on best-in-class methods and procedures supported by consistent and proven software tools and data sets. Having a comprehensive software tool to facilitate our consultant’s efforts is an essential part of our quality program and helps us to be extremely efficient and responsive to our customer’s needs.

Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite

Due to intense customer demand, Kenexis has made its design basis toolkits available to customers through the Kenexis Instrumented Safeguard Suite (KISS). Through KISS, our team has created an optimal solution for SIS and Fire & Gas Detector Mapping lifecycle management. KISS combines Effigy and Vertigo into one secure, multiuser online solution for the best lifecycle management tools. We use the same software in our design basis engineering and risk analysis studies. After the design is complete, the data is available for subsequent use for management of change and further design engineering. The design becomes an “evergreen” data source that is only a mouse-click away. The data is available in real time, benefiting all of the stake holders in the design – and Kenexis experts are close for support.