A month ago I was on my way into Istanbul from the Middle East. I filled out the online form for a Visa to enter the country and received an email that had malware attached to the link for my Visa. That one got me and took down my email for a couple hours why we cleaned up the malware that was sending email to the world about male enhancement products and a bunch of other crap. Luckily, we have a very good cybersecurity team and the problem was stopped within a hour of discovery. Not everyone else is so lucky to work with their own cybersecurity team.

I recieved the email in the picture attached recently and sat there looking at asking myself the standard set of paranoid cybersecurity aware questions. First, who sent it? Hum, who is [email protected]? Second, does the content make sense? Why would a colleague send me a confidential document and not just send it to me.. I mean, we both work for the same company and we are using email every day to send confidential stuff to each other and we have a secure document management system too. We just don’t do this type of stuff. Also, why does it say colleague and not their name?

Unfortunately, we all need to be super paranoid about email.