When you are working with detailed 3D models in Effigy, it is not uncommon for the 3D view to take a bit of time to load the model.  This is normal.  The more detail the 3D model contains, the larger the file becomes. Increasing the file size will also increase the load time for the 3D model.

You can reduce the load time for the 3D view in one of two ways.

1.) Reduce the level of detail in the 3D model.  This can either be done in the native CAD application, prior to converting the model to a *.STL file type or can be accomplished with the STL Studio companion application for Effigy.

2.) Adjust the 3D Render Mode setting on the study settings window.  There are three options; fast, normal and max detail.  Adjusting this setting will limit the amount of detail that will be included when viewing the model in the 3D window.  Setting this option to normal or fast will reduce the level of detail which is rendered in the viewer and therefore reduce the loading time.  This setting does not effect the level of detail in the model used for calculations.  It only effects the 3D view.  The screen shot below shows the location of the 3D Render Mode setting.