At Kenexis we believe one of the most important aspects to development of software for engineers is the ability to quickly respond to the needs of the software user.  Unlike widely distributed word-processing or spreadsheet applications, Kenexis software is focused on a single community of engineers who require software applications purpose built to solve difficult technical problems.  As such, having an agile software platform is key and this is one of the many reasons why Kenexis has opted to provide our software in a cloud based environment.

Recently Kenexis received ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation.  This accreditation extends to both our products (software) and services.  One of the key aspects to the ISO 9001 accreditation is insurances of product quality and continual improvement through customer feedback.  As part of our implementation of ISO 9001, Kenexis has provided several new methods to allow users of Kenexis software to provide feedback through our support ticket system.  These support tickets are automatically distributed to the appropriate members or our development team including both developers and engineers ensuring a prompt response regardless of the whether the ticket is a bug related software fix or technical in nature.

Thanks to this new system coupled with our cloud based software platforms, Kenexis has been able to ensure that customer feedback is not only responded to in a timely manner but that relevant fixes, modification or feature requests are implemented and deployed rapidly.  In most cases this deployment can take place within a matter of days as opposed to a period of months or years, which is typical for traditional desktop software platforms.  Additionally ISO 9001 accreditation for software development requires rigorous tracking of product testing.  Our rigorous testing procedures and documentation ensures that rapid deployment of our applications does not sacrifice the quality you’ve come to expect from Kenexis products and services.