Customer - Project Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking the time to take our Customer Satisfaction Survey for Completed Projects. We are an ISO9001 registered company and actually want to know what you think about our work. There are only a few questions, but please remember to Submit the form when you are done. If you would like us to contact you, please say so in the comments near the bottom. Thank you, Kenexis

Project Information

Project Review

Kenexis responded to your request for assistance thoroughly and in a timely manner.
The project was well planned and delivered on time and budget.
The lead engineer was courteous and professional in appearance and conduct.
The lead engineer demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the processes under study.
The lead engineer demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the techniques, tools, and calculations required for the analysis.
The lead engineer was prepared for all meetings and effectively managed the team meetings in terms of schedule and technical content.
Kenexis reports provided a thorough documentation of the analysis, clear recommendations, and an adequate foundation for subsequent engineering tasks.
The appearance of Kenexis reports are high quality and professional.
Kenexis services provide high value.
I intend to use Kenexis for similar projects in the future.
My overall satisfaction with your service is high. I would recommend you to my colleagues and co-workers.

Additional Information

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