Open-PHA® has a large number of hotkey combinations.  They are documented in the following tables.

Tip:  When working in Open-PHA®, you can call up the hotkey mapping window to display available hotkey combinations by holding down Ctrl + H

Hot Key Action
Ctrl + H (hold) Display Hotkey Map
F1 – F10 Navigate Primary (Horizontal) Toolbar
Ctrl + F1 – F10 Navigate Secondary (Vertical) Toolbar
Ctrl + N Create New Study
Ctrl + O Open Existing Study
Ctrl + S Save Study
Ctrl + H Toggle Hotkey Map (Hold)
Alt + F4 Exit Open-PHA™
Ctrl + Number Navigate Primary Dropdown Menu (Above Worksheet)
With Cell(s) Selected – Dark Blue Highlight
Hot Key Action
Ctrl + C Copy Selected Cell(s)
Ctrl + X Cut Selected Cell(s)
Ctrl + V Paste Cut/Copied Cell(s)
Delete Delete Selected Cell(s)
Ctrl + Enter Create New Row
Escape Deselect Cell(s)
Arrow Keys Select Neighboring Cells
Ctrl + Up Arrow Move Row Up
Ctrl + Down Arrow Move Row Down
Tab Select Next Cell
Ctrl + Left Mouse Select Additional Cells
Shift + Left Mouse Select Many Additional Cells
With Cell(s) Active – Blue Border
Hot Key Action
Ctrl + Enter Create New Row
Ctrl + A Select All Text in Active Cell
Alt + Arrow Key Make Neighbor Cell Active