This article contains some simple samples of Effigy studies that can be imported into your facility. Download links are located at the bottom of the page. These sample studies are a great way to get started with Effigy. They provide examples of some of the various applications of fire and gas mapping using Effigy. They also demonstrate the version methods of performing coverage calculations (geographic vs. Scenario, Point-Source vs. Plume modeling for flame detection, etc.).

To import these samples into your facility, perform the following steps.

1.)  Click a link at the bottom of the article to download the sample study and save the downloaded file to your local hard drive.

2.) On the Study Manager Page, select a Facility where you would like to import the sample study.

3.) From the Study Manager page, click the Import Button in the main action ribbon and select the sample study file that was downloaded.

3.) Following step 3, the Effigy application will load and display the data for the sample study.  You can now begin editing the sample study.


Boiler Flame Detection:

A simple flame detection sample utilizing a 3D STL model, point-source fire modeling and the geographic coverage method.

LPG Sphere Flame Detection:

A geographic coverage model for a single LPG storage sphere.  This study demonstrates how geometric primitive shapes can be used to construct 3D models inside of Effigy for use in fire and gas mapping.

Refinery H2S Gas Scenario Coverage:

An example of how the gas scenario method can be used to model coverage of fixed H2S detection systems for a refinery sulfur recovery unit.

Offshore Wellbay Fire and Gas Mapping:

A complete example of fire and gas mapping for an offshore wellbay.  This study demonstrates use of both the geographic and scenario coverage methods for fire and gas detection.  Fire coverage calculations are performed using the plume fire method and gas coverage calculations are performed on a volumetric basis.  This study used a combination of geometric primitives and multiple 3D CAD files to create the space being mapped.

Airplane Hanger Flame Detection:

Demonstrates how Effigy can be utilized in applications outside of chemical processing industry.  Performs geographic flame detector coverage for an airplane hanger.


Effigy Airplane Hanger Flame Detection Sample

Effigy Offshore Wellbay Fire and Gas Mapping Sample

Effigy Boiler Flame Detection Sample

Effigy LPG Sphere Flame Detection Sample

Effigy Refinery H2S Gas Detection Sample