Kenexis is happy to announce the release of Effigy version 4.0.5.  The release of this version of the software contains a number of upgrades and enhancements that are certain to improve your experience as an Effigy user.  Most notably, this release includes the ability for a user to directly import 3D CAD models through the Effigy interface.

In an effort to allow users as much flexibility as possible we have chosen to use support a well-known, non-proprietary 3D model file format known as stereo lithograph files (.STL file extension).  The majority of the highly adopted CAD software packages including PDMS, Microstation and AutoCAD have the ability to export 3D models in .STL format as a built in feature so converting your plant 3D models into Effigy fire and gas mapping studies is easily done.  After exporting a 3D model from your preferred CAD software as a .STL file, simply create a new equipment item on the type “Stl” and use the file uploader built into the Effigy interface to import your CAD model.  The image below shows a 3D model for a boiler which was used in the development of a geographic fire detector coverage map.


We are sure that you will find this new feature enriches the Effigy experience, improving both efficiency and accuracy in your fire and gas mapping with Effigy.  Shortly following the writing of this blog, we will be preparing a short video tutorial detailing everything you need to know about working with 3D CAD models in Effigy.  For those of you who are already Effigy users we’re excited to hear your feedback on this exciting new feature.  Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting on this post of getting in touch with us at [email protected].

In addition to the release of this new software upgrade, based on demand from Effigy users, Kenexis is happy to announce the availability of the “Using Effigy” training course in a web-based format.  This new online training is a web-based version of the popular 2-Day facilitator instructed training course focused on using Effigy to perform real world case studies with the assistance of a Kenexis expert with extensive experience in performing fire and gas mapping studies.  The new online course includes both video lectures with detailed walk-thoughts of the use of Effigy as well as exercises and quiz’s to ensure comprehension of the course material.  Students who complete the course will be awarded with Effigy Level 1 Certification.  This training is a great supplement to our existing 3-Day training on Performance Based Fire & Gas System Engineering and is highly recommended for anyone who plans to use the Effigy software to perform Fire and Gas mapping studies.  If you are interested in receiving this training, please forward requests to Margaret Hughes at [email protected].