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Kenexis is a strong supporter of ISA and the ISA certificate program for Safety Instrumented System competency in the process industries. Consequently Kenexis staff frequently teaches ISA Training and Certification courses around the globe in both Process Safety and Industrial Control System Cybersecurity.

EC 50 – Safety Instrumented Systems – Design, Analysis, and Justification

SIS Fundamentals Specialist Certificate #1

This course focuses on the engineering requirements for the specification , design, analysis, and justification of safety instrumented systems for the process industries. Students will learn how to determine safety integrity levels (SILs) and evaluate whether proposed or existing systems meet the performance requirements. Learn More

EC 52 – Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection

SIL Selection Specialist Certificate #2

This course focuses on SIL hands-on examples of safety integrity level (SIL) determination using a variety of different techniques. Students will be better able to save their companies time and money through the optimization of system performance requirements. Learn More

EC 54 – Advanced Design and SIL Verification

SIL Verification Specialist Certificate #3

This course focuses on more detailed issues and further hands-on examples of system analysis/modeling. Students will be better able to perform system design and analysis, thus saving their companies time and money in optimizing system designs. Learn More

EC 56P – Fire and Gas System Engineering—Performance Based Methods for Process Facilities

This course describes the techniques recommended in the technical report, along with hands-on use of the techniques and associated software tools.  This course was designed for all audiences from high-level decision makers and users of FGS including a basic understanding of design techniques to a comprehensive case study that involves employing software to develop a complete performance-based design for a sample oil and gas production facility. Learn More