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Recorded Webinars

Why is that Detector there?

Have you ever wondered why a gas or fire detector is installed at a location. Maybe someone walking through your facility asked you why a detector was installed at a particular location. Scrambling to find an answer at that point is probably useless, you already revealed that you don’t know and maybe no one else onsite knows.

In this webinar we will quickly go through how we engineer where detectors are positioned and some of the science behind the engineering. We will discuss the process and even design a small system live and calculate coverage to see if it meets the requirements.

Recordings are Currently Not Available

SIS and BPCS Component Sharing

There is still some confusion about a key attribute of good Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) design – specifically separation of Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS) and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). In this live webinar, we will cover Definitions and Standards Requirements, Assessment of Independence – Shared Valve System, Quantitative Justification of Shared Component, Additional Standards Requirements, Design of SIS Separation Workflow

Recordings are Currently Not Available

Risk Assessment and Safeguarding of Lithium Ion Battery Containing Facilities

Join us for a recorded webinar discussing the challenges associated with Risk Assessment and Safeguarding of Lithium Ion Battery Containing Facilities

Recordings are Currently Not Available

Problems Blending H2 into Natural Gas (Methane)

Join us for a recorded webinar on discussing some of the Problems Blending H2 into Natural Gas (Methane) including references to the papers and information presented in the video.

Recordings are Currently Not Available

Determining and Documenting Appropriate Leak Tightness Requirements

This webinar was well attended with many questions and comments, and you asked for more. The webinar went into detail about the differences between tight shut off and leakage rate methods, the standards, and how to determine the correct leak requirements for your situation.

We did not record the webinar, however it is available on our Process Safety Training Center site.

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