Industrial Cyber Security Analysis Software

Currently Kenexis is using this tool internally to perform cybersecurity vulnerability assessments. At some point in the future, Kenexis will release this as part of our online technical engineering software suite.

Kenexis – Dulcet™ is an advanced analysis reporting tool for industrial control system (ICS) network communication traffic. Dulcet analyzes captured traffic for information like source and destination, assets, data flows, protocols, and communications stability for ICS networks. Stability is not easy to recognize in packet traffic, so our mathematical rule-based analysis is presented in time plot – graphical format, making it much easier to recognize problems.

Dulcet recognizes changes in networks from one capture to the next. Thereby making it easy to test networks and devices in a recent traffic capture against a gold standard of captured traffic, making it a useful tool for design engineers, cybersecurity and network maintenance.

Kenexis cybersecurity experts worked with our developers to develop Dulcet after years of design, analysis, and research of industrial control networks and cybersecurity and network performance threats.