Online Training Center Now Open!

The Kenexis online training center, which is part of the Kenexis Integrated Process Safety Suite, is now open and ready for use.  All users of the Process Safety Suite have access to our full range of software training courses (e.g., Using Open PHA, Using Vertigo, etc.).  In addition, training courses on the theory behind many technical safety application and engineering techniques are also included in the premium package.  The premium package can be obtained for the low price of $600 per year per user for a single user package ($900 per year per user for the enterprise learning management package).  More courses are currently in development, and will be announced on a regular basis as plans for their deployment are finalized.  Please take a look at what is currently available and our plans for the future.  All you need to to is long in to the process safety suite (, and then click on the training button.