Kenexis China

We are pleased to announce that Kenexis has formed a Joint Venture business in China, which was recently granted a business license from the Chinese government.

The business is named 柯爱思(北京)安全技术有限公司, the phonetic translation is:  Ke Aisi (Beijing) Safety Technology Co., Ltd.   For English purposes, the name is: Kenexis (Beijing) Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

The purpose is to have local expertise deliver Kenexis’ safety services throughout China in the local language to improve functional safety. We are working alongside our Beijing office to bring the same quality of process safety to the Chinese people.

Kenexis China is located in the building shown. We are growing and serving the process safety community in China already. Soon the Kenexis.CN website will be up also.

We warmly welcome our Chinese team to the Kenexis family.

For more information about Kenexis operations globally, contact us at