The Project Manager application allows users to assign privileges to view and edit studies to other users.  The ability to do this, though, is limited to other users in your own company.  When the application generates a list of users to whom you are allowed to give access, it filters the user database to only show the other users who have the same company name as you do.  In some cases, small differences in company names will prevent you from seeing a person on your company’s user list.  For instance, if your company name was entered as “ACME, Inc.” and a colleague of yours’ account had a company name of “ACME, Incorporated”, the Project Manager application would assume that you and your colleague are from two different companies and would not allow rights assignment between the two of you.

In order to prevent this situation from occurring, it is important for all users in an organization to have the exact same company name listed in the database.  If you discover that different people in your organization have different company names, and it is causing access management issues, please open a support ticket describing the situation and the Kenexis support team will address the issue by changing all of the company names in our database so that they are consistent.