Educational Institution Program

Kenexis is a consulting engineering firm focused on process safety and industrial control system cybersecurity. We have developed powerful software tools for use is process safety engineering including:

  • Open PHA™ & Open PHA™ Premium – Comprehensive PHA & LOPA Solution
  • Arbor™ – Process Safety Fault Tree Analysis Software, Simplified
  • Vertigo™ – Scalable Cloud-based SIS Safety Lifecycle Management Solution
  • Effigy™ – Integrated, Validated and Robust Fire and Gas Mapping Solution

For registered educational institutions, we do not charge for software while it is being used in the classroom for educational purposes. Instructors must register with Kenexis and receive acknowledgement that the school and class is registered in our system. Once acknowledged, instructors and students can register for the software online. Once accepted, instructors will have access for one year and the student will have access for 90 days to complete their course.

Please note, if the school does not issue “.edu” email addresses to each student, then a list of students names and email addresses will be required also.

For additional information, contact Kenexis at

Educational Institution Registration Request

  • Please use an official school email address with a ".edu" extension if possible. Otherwise, registration will be delayed while we verify.

Online Software and Open PHA

All of our software is online with the exception of Open PHA. Open PHA and Open PHA Premium are the same and different.

Open PHA is a free download for anyone even if you are not a student, so the school and your students can download it now. It will install and run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Projects are stored locally or on any file repository.

Open PHA Premium is not cost to the educational institution. It does not download and install, it only runs online in a browser session like all the other software tools from Kenexis.

You can upload Open PHA projects that were stored on local computers or a file repository. Once uploaded, there are additional Premium features available that only work online. Most students will not ever need the Premium features, but it might be useful to the instructor.

The Open PHA application was designed to support workers in remote locations without good internet access. For instance, someone performing a HAZOP at a chemical plant. Once the person gets back to the office, then they could upload using the department’s Open PHA Premium license to take advantage of the Premium features.

We will provide one Open PHA Premium license for the lab at no cost and anyone, including teachers and students can download the desktop version at

We will require name, email, and phone information about the administrator for the lab so that we can set them up in our system.